Pixels 2K14

20, 21 & 22 February, 2014

A tech fest you all have been awaiting for has once again made its entrance. "Pixels 2K14" is in with a big bang, with new competitions and whole new set of competitors to fight against.

We, students of SIES College of Management Studies, MCA, bring honor to ourselves and to you, to warmly welcome you all to join us on 20th February at 9.00 am and take part in the competitions that holds to be your forte... Hope to meet you soon...



SIES College of Management Studies, established in 1995 with the primary objective of providing world class quality management education to budding professionals, to create managers for the 21st Century. It is the prime constituent of its academic complex at Nerul.

SIESCOMS boasts of one of the best physical infrastructures befitting a modern B- School. Ever since inception, the academic programs of the institute enjoy full support and patronage of the corporate sector and all other stakeholders.


  • SIESCOMS ranked no. 1 when it comes to local preference for B-Schools in India and 75th globally for local preference
  • Recipient of IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality (IMCRBNQ) Award under Education Category for the year 2008
  • C Fore-Mint Survey (Mint, September, 2008): 14th among all private B-schools
  • Open-C Fore Survey(Open Magazine, September, 2009): 18th among all private B-schools
  • BT-Nelson Ranking (India Today, October, 2009): 29th among all B-schools
  • Business India Ranking (Business India, November, 2009): 31st among all B-schools
  • All India Management Association Ranking (Indian Management, October, 2009):A2 among all B-schools
  • Dalal Street Ranking (Dalal Street, December 2008) : Listed as one of top 100 B-schools in India

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This is an inter-collegiate technical event organized by the MCA students. The event attracts participation from several MCA/Engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai/Mumbai.

Cultural Events

  • Dancing
  • So you think you can dance?
    Time to get into the groove and show your moves .
      Entry (3-5): 500 /-   More Than 5 : 100/- each

  • Singing
  • Let your melodious voice echo and reach new heights.
      Entry (Individual): 150 /-  

  • Face Painting
  • Be two faced with wild strokes of colour.
      Entry (Individual): 50 /-  

  • Tattooing
  • Ink your way to make permanent impact with temporary colours.
      Entry (Individual): 50 /-  

  • Mehandi
  • Marriage adds celebration to life Music adds life to celebration Mehandi adorns the hands and Life takes a new color.

      Entry (Individual): 50 /-  

Technical events

  • Quest Of Techadron (Tech Quiz)
  • Concentrate. Focus. Reply. Time to call in all your technical spells to conquer the PIXELS. Bring out your best techie to be questioned by our grandmaster. A quiz you will never forget and it will define your standard amongst fellow competitors. "Quest of Techadron" is the IT related quiz open to all. It will involve questions ranging from Technical to Non Technical but IT related. So come prepared.

      Entry (Individual): 30 /-  

  • DiseƱo Web (Web Designing)
  • Weird name right! I also felt the same till I didn't google it. If you weren't able to get it then I will tell you about it. Show your creativity with the tools and materials provided to create the website. Portray your HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server-side scripting knowledge to design the simple yet the best website and bag yourself the Awards.

         Round 1:   Required page layout will be given & exactly same layout to be created using HTML / CSS
         Round 2:   Create dynamic web page using client side scripting (javascript only)
         Round 3:   Write server-side script in one of the server-side scripting languages viz. php / jsp / asp; to accomplish a task
         Tools:   Windows XP / Notepad / Notepad++
         Browsers:   Pages should work fine with Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome

    In case multiple people complete the give task correctly, those who wer able to complete it in least time will move ahead in next round.

      Entry (Individual): 30 /-  

  • Codemania (Software Programming)
  • Passion for creation is expected to excel. Use the programming language that you have excelled in from C, C++ or Java to create the application desired. Serial coders are whom we expect to fight in this competition to show "I still rule the LAB". Keep it simple or Keep it complex, but completing the job assigned is necessary in the time frame allowed. Let's Code...

         Round 1:  Multiple Choice Questions to test the conceptual & logical skills
         Round 2:  Create a program to solve a given problem
         Round 3:  Make required enhancements in given program
         Tools:  Windows XP / Turbo C / Notepad / Notepad++ / jdk 1.6

    In case multiple people complete the give program correctly, those who wer able to complete it in least time will move ahead in next round.

      Entry (Individual): 30 /-  

  • Technical Paper Presentation
  • Present what you have researched till date and get applauded and get certified yourself with the medal of brilliance.
    The final date for the paper submission is 19th Feb. 2014.

    Round:  Presentation of at-most 10 mins
    Question session of 5 mins

      Entry (Individual): 30 /-  

Brain Teasers

  • Brilliance Par Excellence (IQ Quiz)
  • Who said mugging up your studies is only way to excel in life? Let's create a new twist in studies and proving who is best. "Brilliance par Excellence" is your way to prove "I" am the best. A quiz involving wrecking your brains is all that you need for it. And this event is specifically created to crate such needs involving General knowledge, Puzzles, Maths, Logic, Situational Questions and so on more. So better come prepared and don't say we didn't warn you prior.
      Entry (Individual): 20 /-  

  • Me Mumbaikar
  • How long have you been in Mumbai? How far have you travelled in Mumbai? How well do you know your Mumbai? Reply to all these queries via a sequence of questions juggled onto you to identify the right spot. And prove yourself to be the worthy "Mumbaikar".
      Entry (Team of 2): 40 /-  

  • Hacker Cracker
  • An ultimate fun game breaking codes, finding clues and entering more and more into the computer system till you don't find its treasure in the heart.
      Entry (Team of 2): 40 /-  

  • Google It
  • Be a Google detective.
      Entry (Team of 2): 30 /-  

  • Guess The Logo
  • Are you brand conscious?
    Time to test your world brand knowledge.
      Entry (Team of 2): 30 /-  

  • View Finder
  • show your photography skills and compete with others to come up with the best collection of pics.

         1.  Mobile cameras are not allowed.
         2.  No editing of photographs will be entertained.
         3.  Photos taken should have date and time stamp
         4.  Every round will have 2 themes.
         5.  Photos should be taken on every theme as per the round.

    Some themes which can be used for this event are:
         Seasonal Color
         Sooooo Funny
         Things we want
         Fun in the Sun
         Unusual Shapes
         Green with envy

      Entry (Individual): 50 /-  

Outdoor Games

  • Tug-Of-War
  • Jor Laga Ke Haisa! Aur Jor Lagao! Team it and Prove it that you are the strongest of all the rivals. Select the strongest anchor to hold on from the back and don't let him fall while you maintain the pull. Tug-O-War is not for the weak connected.

      Entry (team of 4 boys 2 girls): 100 /-  

  • Street Soccer
  • Prove your skills and tricks with the ball along with proper passes and dribble with your team mates to prove your team to be the ruler of the street.

      Entry (team of 3+1): 200 /-  

  • Gully Cricket
  • Unavailability of open field in this concrete jungle who says we can't play cricket. Let's show them our dedication and love for the sport irrespective of the place

      Entry (team of 6+1): 200 /-  

  • Open Badminton
  • Wrong are those who say badminton is a very simple sport. Show them that it requires more concentration and will to win this game fighting against all odds.

      Entry (singles): 30 /-  

      Entry (doubles): 50 /-  

      Entry (mixed-doubles): 50 /-  

  • Treasure Hunt
  • A treasure hunt is one of many different types of games which can have one or more players who try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues.

      Entry (Team Of 5): 100 /-  

Indoor Games

  • Road Rage
  • Burning tire couldn't feel better than on this tarmac specially created to be destroyed. Race your hearts out with these Remote Controlled cars, passing through obstacles and avoid getting caught. Event being a hit last year was recalled to make the same impact. So come wearing your drive gear to mark your impact on the track.

      Entry (Individual): 30 /-  

  • Carrom
  • Stretch your fingers and massage your hand joints here all you need is precision and skills to prove the worthy master of the board is not easy to be. Here it is a call to join in the best and most fun indoor game.

      Entry (singles): 30 /-  

      Entry (doubles): 40 /- 

  • Chess
  • As an old proverb says "You cannot play at Chess if you are kind-hearted". Mark your eye on the enemy king and defeat all those who stand on the way till you check mate the king and retire him to the same box where his pawns lie. Yet another old yet worthy game for the braniacs. Welcome to the world of "Chess".

      Entry (Individual): 30 /-  

  • Minute To Win It
  • As the name denotes so is the game. There will be a series of challenges. Take a minute to win each of it.

      Entry (Team of 3): 50 /- 

  • Pixel On Excel
  • Taking an application onto a different level all together. With a little kid growing in heart to prove his art. Its here you will show how differently excel can be used by painting on Excel (spreadsheets application). Let the best artist portray his skills and excel.

      Entry (Individual):30 /-  

  • Caterpillar
  • A event conducted and organized by 1st year student's Will be a new experience to all participants.

      Entry (Individual):30 /-  


  • Counter-Strike 1.6
  • Counter-Strike blends single elimination, team-based gameplay with the notion of an economy to produce an online action experience of incredible depth and realism.
         Tournament Format : 5 vs 5
         Round Time: 1 minute 45 seconds.
         The team playing as the Terrorist side first will be announced before the match or decided by coin toss
         In the case of a tie after the regulation rounds end, 6 extra rounds will be played
         (3 rounds as Terrorists / 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team)
         Extra Round restart money: $10,000
         In the case of yet another tie after the 6 extra rounds, as stated above, 6 additional extra rounds will be played until the      tie is broken
         Official Maps: De_Dust2, De_Inferno, De_Nuke, De_Train
         In case of Odd number of teams at any level, a dummy team will be added.

         Final will be of 30 rounds (15 rounds as terrorist/15 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team).
         In the case of a tie after the regulation rounds end, 6 extra rounds will be played
         (3 rounds as Terrorists / 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorists per team)
         Extra Round restart money: $10,000.
         In the case of yet another tie after the 6 extra rounds, as stated above, 6 additional extra rounds will be played until the      tie is broken

      Entry (team of 5): 250 /-  

  • Fifa 11
  • Lace up your cleats, strap on your shin guards and step onto the pitch and play professional soccer your way in EA Sports' FIFA 11. Customized and designed exclusively for the Windows operating system, FIFA 11 allows players to experience the most authentic soccer simulation EA Sports has ever delivered on the PC platform as you live the fantasy of playing as a professional soccer player on the international stage.
         Tournament Format : 1 vs. 1
         6-minute halves
         Injuries: OFF
         Off sides: ON
         Bookings: ON
         Camera: Any
         Time/Score display: ON
         Player Status Bar: Player Names
         Radar: 2D
         Difficulty Level: World Class
         Keeper Level: World Class
         Manual Cross: ON
         Manual Through-ball: ON

    Event Rounds:
         The event will be conducted as knockout rounds. Number of rounds will be decided on the basis of the participants.
         In case of a draw,the game will proceed to extra time and at last to penalty shootout.
         Participant can modify all the controller settings.
         Teams can be either clubs or countries according to user's will.
         In case of Odd number of participants a dummy player will be added.

         Final will be played on home and away basis.

         Any connection loss between opponents due to system, network, PC, and/or power problems/ issues.

    In case a disconnection occurs:
         A referee will confirm the exact score to that point
         (even if the ball is about to cross the goal line, the goal shall not count), and restart the match. If the match has been
         played for t minutes then the new match would be played for (90-t) minutes.
         Any players sent off the field (red card) cannot be in the team line-up while restarting the match again.
         If at any time, a player intentionally disconnects/exits the game he/she will be disqualified. In case of pressing alt-tab
         /windows button- the organizing committee will decide whether it was intentional or a mistake and what action must be
         taken with disqualification being the maximum penalty.

      Entry (Individual): 50 /-  

  • XBox & Playstation
  • Gaming addicts welcome home. Enthrall yourself in the gaming world with the best gaming devices the Xbox and Playstation.
    Play till you get tired or get your heads Smacked : SMACK DOWN
    Score goals and stop goals and be in the lead on the table: FIFA 13

      Entry (Individual): 50 /-  

  • Need For Speed - Most Wanted

  • Race Mode Options : Circuit
    Track Direction : Forward
    LAPS : 3
    N20 : ON
    Collision Detection : Off
    Performance Matching : Off
    Min Num. Players : 2

    In case of Odd number of participants a dummy player will be added.
    Car Settings :
         Visual Upgrade allowed
         Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro, Ultimate)allowed, Junkman Not allowed
         Personal save files are NOT allowed
         Cars may be tuned before racing each course

    FINAL :
         Manual Through-ball: ONFinal will be played on 3 races: Circuit(3 laps),Sprint & Drag.

      Entry (Individual): 30 /-  

    Unfair Play
    Use of any cheat program
    Intentional disconnection
    Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings
    If the match is disrupted due to unnecessary chatting, the player may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee's sole discretion.
    Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, that player will be disqualified from the tournament. During the course of any match, the operations staff and/or referee may determine other actions to be unfair play at any time.

    Disconnection: Any disconnection of the connection between match players due to System, Network, PC, and/or Power problems/issues
    Intentional Disconnection: Upon judgment by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit
    When any disconnection occurs:
    If the disconnection is deemed to be unintentional by the referee, the match will be restarted. If any player does not agree to a match restart, that player will lose by default.

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